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Freedom Corridor

My wife and I have a strong desire to give back to our community, and since I am a retired Air Force veteran, programs designed to give honor to our fellow veterans hold a special place our hearts. Therefore, it was our greatest honor to participate in the St Charles Freedom Corridor program. I photographed the individuals for the banners while my wife provided the graphic design services.

The proposed "Freedom Corridor" is a temporary display of 14 veteran banners located on 7 light poles at the St Charles North Gateway along Rte. 31 between the Railroad Trestle and State Street. The program was developed by Vanessa Bell-LaSota and the St Charles Veterans Center with creative production provided by Jane and David Mercer, IDT Photo. Developed upon the suggestion of Mayor Raymond P. Rogina in 2019 it is currently in the early stages of the approval process from the City of St Charles for a more long term display that will engage the entire St Charles community.

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