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Beginners classes

Basic photography for beginners

Below you will find the description of the nine lessons in Basic Photography for Beginners.

My style of instruction is very interactive, that is why I call it photo coaching. I teach you the concepts of photography while helping you understand the mechanics of your camera. I plan each lesson for 1 hour of technical instruction then we spend at least one hour of hands on instruction to reinforce the technical information.

Online classes follow the same type of regimen, with some slight modifications to the hands on instruction.

Lesson 1: Light Triangle

ISO, Aperture and Shutter speed

  • What is the light triangle? 

  • What is ISO, Aperture, Shutter speed?

  • What is depth of field? 

  • What is noise?

  • What is bokeh?

  • How do you read a histogram?

  • How do you adjust white balance?

Lesson 2: Camera

Choosing the correct camera and accessories for your project

  • What types cameras are there?

  • What is APS-C and full frame sensors?

  • What types of lenses are there?

  • What are some accessories that I will need?

  • What kind of photography projects are there?

  • How can I use this equipment for my project?

Lesson 3: Camera controls

Understanding your camera controls

  • Program modes

  • Exposure compensation

  • Metering modes

  • Flash compensation

  • Picture style

  • Diopter

  • Drive modes

  • Self-timer

  • Auto Exposure bracketing

  • Locking the exposure

Lesson 4: Composition

Basic Composition

  • What are some properties of composition?

  • Why do we need rules of composition?

  • Rules of composition

    • Rule of Thirds

    • Leading Lines

    • Converging Lines

    • Balancing Elements

    • Repetition

    • Symmetry

    • Colors  

    • Point of View    

    • Selective Focus

    • Depth

    • Cropping

    • Reflection        

    • Simplicity

    • Light

    • Zoom
      Natural Framing

    • Shoot through

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