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Maternity Session

This photoshoot celebrates and captures the beauty of pregnancy. It's a wonderful way for expectant mothers to document this special time in their lives and create lasting memories of their pregnancy journey. Maternity photo sessions typically take place during the third trimester of pregnancy when the baby bump is prominent, usually around 28-36 weeks.

Packages start at $250

Newborn Photography

Newborn photography is a specialized genre of photography that focuses on capturing the first few weeks of a baby's life, usually within the first two weeks after birth. This type of photography aims to document the newborn's tiny features, innocence, and early moments in a creative and artistic way. The goal is to create beautiful, timeless images that families can cherish as precious memories for years to come.

Packages start at $250

Birth Photography

Birth photography is not just about taking pictures; it's about preserving the most transformative moment in a family's life. The images captured during childbirth tell a powerful story of love, strength, and vulnerability. As a birth photographer, you become an essential part of the birthing team, entrusted to document the intense emotions and the journey towards parenthood.

Packages start at $900

Milestones 3-6-9M

These sessions focus on capturing the developmental milestones of a baby's first year, including tummy time, sitting up, crawling, standing, and walking. The photos often showcase the baby's growth and emerging personality.

Milestone session: $250

Fresh 48

Unlike traditional newborn photo shoots that are done in a studio setting after the baby is a few weeks old, fresh 48 photography takes place in the hospital or the place of birth shortly after delivery. The goal is to capture the raw and authentic moments of the baby's first hours of life, as well as the emotions and interactions of the parents and family members during this special time.

Fresh 48: $250

Cake Smash

A cake smash photo session is a fun and adorable way to celebrate a baby's first birthday. The cake smash session is a delightful and lighthearted experience for both the child and the parents, as they witness their little one's curious exploration of the sweet treat.

Packages start at $350


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