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Newborn Photography Services

Hello, we are David and Jane Mercer, husband and wife photography team.  It is our passion to create artistic photos and we would be honored to capture the most precious moments of your life!

We offer a wide range of Newborn Photography Services such as Birth Photography, Fresh 48 and Studio Newborn Photo Session.

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Newborn Studio Photography

Our passion is to create magic

Newborn sessions are designed to create beautiful, artistic, and memorable photographs that highlight the baby's delicate features and early moments.


Newborn session packages


Golden Package - $950

  • 3+ hours in Home session

  • 4 set-ups & 3 outfits

  • Baby & Family Photos

  • 20 digital images 

  • 10x10 Layflat Book

  • $150 Print credit


Silver Package - $350

  • 2+ hours in studio session

  • 3 set-ups & 2 outfits

  • Baby & Family Photos

  • 10 digital images

  • $250 additional fee for in-home session


Bronze Package - $250

  • 45 min in studio session

  • 1 set-up & outfit

  • Baby photos only

  • 3 digital images

Additional images are available with each package


Birth Photography & Fresh 48

Preserve the most precious moments of your life

We offer families the opportunity to relive the intense emotions and precious moments of childbirth and the immediate postpartum period for years to come (Both birth and Fresh 48 photography). Birth photography aims to preserve the fleeting moments of joy, pain, excitement, and love that unfold during childbirth, while Fresh 48 focuses on capturing the very first moments of a newborn's life within the first 48 hours after birth.

Birth & Fresh 48

Birth Photography & Fresh 48  packages


Birth Photography - $900

Birth photography is not just about taking pictures; it's about preserving the most transformative moment in a family's life. The images captured during childbirth tell a powerful story of love, strength, and vulnerability. As a birth photographer, you become an essential part of the birthing team, entrusted to document the intense emotions and the journey towards parenthood.


Fresh 48 - $250

Unlike traditional newborn photo shoots that are done in a studio setting after the baby is a few weeks old, fresh 48 photography takes place in the hospital or the place of birth shortly after delivery. The goal is to capture the raw and authentic moments of the baby's first hours of life, as well as the emotions and interactions of the parents and family members during this special time.


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